2022 Registration Instructions – Tang Soo Do and Sidekick Program

Program Descriptions

Sidekicks : Ages 4 – 6 (This program has now been changed to ages 4-6)

Sidekick classes are 30 minutes long and currently offered twice a week. We work on strength and flexibility, hand eye-coordination, balance, and learning discipline. Sidekicks will remain white belts during their training until they can move up into our Traditional Program. However, they do receiver power stripes (white belts with color stripes in the middle) as a motivational tool based on class attendance and personal achievements.


Traditional Tang Soo Do Program: Ages 7 and up

Our traditional classes are split up based on belt rank and age. Our Kids Program is ages 7 – 12, our Teens / Adults are ages 13+. We teach Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean style of martial arts that focuses on learning respect, self-discipline, and integrity while training. Our curriculum includes forms (patterns of blocks and strikes), self defense, sparring (free fighting with protective gear), weapons training (at higher ranks), and strength / endurance training.


General Information (Click PDF to download)

Program Information Packet: 2022_Program_Information_Packet.pdf
This gives a quick description about what Tang Soo Do is, our instructors, and curriculum.

Tuition Flyer: 2022_Tuition_TangSooDo.pdf
Monthly tuition prices, plus an explanation of other fees and equipment purchases.

Summer Schedule: Summer2022_Schedule.pdf
For June and July!

Summer Special: Summer Special 2022.pdf
Tentative Schedule for the Spring with our closings listed on it


Step 1: Book a Free Intro Lesson

Intro Lessons are on Fridays 7:30pm – 8:30pm and Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm: Can’t make Saturdays? Please text me with your availability at 256.797.9127

Booking Link: Click HERE [http://andrea-eck.square.site/] to book a 30 minute intro lesson. Only 1 student may book online per slot through this link. See below for multiple bookings.

Bookings with siblings or friends: All students must be in the same age group to take an intro lesson together. Please have 1 student book your preferred slot with the link above and send me a message at 256.797.9127 that you would like to do a group intro. I will respond back with a link that you can share with any additional students.

Age groups are as follows:

Ages 4-6: Maximum 3 students for an intro
Ages 7-12: Maximum 8 students for an intro
Ages 13+: No Maximum

Intro Lesson Gear & Attire: Students just need to bring their own water bottle and wear comfortable clothing. We will train barefoot and shoes must be removed before entering the do jang.

Digital Waiver: A digital waiver will be sent to your email after booking.


Step 2: Setup a Free Trial

Trials are 7 days long, allowing students to attend 2-3 classes before making the final decision to sign up. This will be setup at the end of the student’s intro lesson.

We look forward to seeing you!

Contact Info

Andrea Barnes
Co-Owner / Sr. Instructor
[email protected]
[email protected]

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